Our Top 10 Picks for The Far Side Fans

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Our Top 10 Picks for The Far Side Fans

The Far Side is a renowned American single-panel comic strip created by the cartoonist Gary Larson. This comic strip was published from 1979 to 1995 and has become a famous cultural phenomenon.

If you’re a fan of The Far Side, you’ll undoubtedly want to have a t-shirt that expresses your love for this comic. Here are the top 10 best The Far Side t-shirts you can purchase:

The 1986 My Brain Is Full Shirt design features a humorous cartoon that epitomizes Gary Larson’s signature style. In this cartoon, a student, wearing an expression of pure desperation, stands before a stern teacher. With a pleading tone, the student exclaims, May I Be Excused My Brain Is Full. This comical depiction of a familiar classroom scenario resonates with anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed by information. Larson’s talent lies in his ability to find the absurd in everyday life and present it in a way that delights our sense of humor.

The Far Side May I Be Excused My Brain Is Full Shirt perfectly captures this humor, inviting you to join in the laughter while proudly wearing a piece of comedic art.


In this brilliantly bonkers artwork, Gary Larson expertly blurs the boundaries between what’s normal and what’s nutty. Picture this: a gang of early vegetarians, who, despite their leafy leanings, seem to have just returned from a full-blown hunting expedition. It’s like a cosmic joke that challenges your brain’s default settings and tickles your funny bone. Larson’s unmistakable style shines through as he turns the every day into the extra-extraordinary.

This Far Side Shirt is living proof of Larson’s ability to flip the script on the mundane and have us howling at the quirks of life. It’s a conversation Kickstarter, a visual riddle, and a wild celebration of the wacky wizardry that defines The Far Side.


The Far Side is famous for its offbeat and downright bizarre sense of humor. It’s a universe where everyday situations get twisted into pretzels, and reality takes a detour through the funhouse mirror. In this design, we zoom in on the quirk-tastic Boneless Chicken Ranch, a made-up spot Gary Larson dreamt up to inject a hearty dose of hilarity into his comics.

Now, Boneless Chicken Ranch is just one of the wacky locales Larson dreamed up in The Far Side. It’s like his brain had a circus tent and invited all the funny names and scenarios to party. While Boneless Chicken Ranch might be as real as a unicorn with a sunhat, it’s a tribute to Larson’s genius for sprinkling the everyday with a pinch of utter lunacy, leaving us in stitches at the delightfully weird.


This design is all about Laboratory Peer Pressure. It hilariously captures the wild world of scientists and researchers, showcasing their quirky quirks and the not-so-normal pressures they face. Picture scientists huddled in a lab, doing their science thing, but also feeling the heat of social influence and high expectations creeping over their lab coats.

By blending The Far Side, famous for its outlandish humor, with the madness of Laboratory Peer Pressure this shirt beckons you to dive into the side-splitting absurdity of scientific escapades. It’s like a comedy club for your wardrobe, prompting chats about the goofy and odd sides of science while keeping things as light as a helium-filled balloon in a lab full of laughter.


In this utterly paw-some masterpiece, Larson’s comedic genius takes center stage as he showcases a furry family getting their holiday groove on in the quirkiest way possible. These dogs are rocking their festive fashion like runway models, and the result is pure canine chaos and cheer. It’s a hilarious reminder that the holiday spirit isn’t just for humans; our furry pals want in on the fun too.

The Far Side Christmas Dogs Shirt is like a laugh grenade from Gary Larson. It’s your ticket to the jolliest time of the year, where giggles and puppy love are in full supply. So, why not embrace the woof-tastic holiday spirit and wear your chuckles with pride?


In this hilarious masterpiece, Gary Larson gives the holiday season a comedy makeover. Santa Claus is sporting a cheeky grin as he shoves clothes into his sack, while Mrs. Claus, who usually keeps Santa in line, is diligently cramming gifts into her bag. It’s a merry mix-up that serves as a reminder that Christmas is full of delightful surprises, even when it comes to gift-giving roles.

The Far Side Christmas Shirt is a wink from Larson that says, “Let’s sprinkle some silly on the season!” It’s a gentle nudge to embrace the festive absurdity and enjoy the laughter, joy, and those moments when holiday traditions get a little wacky.


In this wild and wacky artwork, Gary Larson’s humor takes the spotlight, and it’s like everyday life is caught in a comedic tornado. “Bummer Of A Birthmark Hal” hints at a hiccup in the ordinary that leaves you scratching your head and chuckling. It’s a reminder that Larson’s talent lies in finding laughter where you least expect it.

This tee is like a time-travel ticket, zipping you back to an era when “The Far Side” ruled the comics world, and Larson’s creations were more common than coffee stains on the morning paper.

This Far Side Cartoon Bummer Of A Birthmark Hal Shirt is your golden ticket to humor town. It’s like Larson took a blender to the mundane, added a sprinkle of surrealism, and hit the “hilarity” button. This t-shirt isn’t just clothing; it’s a comedy magnet, a nod to the golden era of comic genius, and a big bear hug to Larson’s everlasting legacy.


In this crazy carnival of an illustration, Gary Larson’s unmistakable style is out in full force. It all starts as a seemingly regular get-together at the Wilsons’ place, just friends having a swell time. But, hold your horses, because the real knee-slapper is in the text that goes along with it. It hints at a side-splitting mishap during this otherwise picture-perfect evening, making you wonder what in the world went down.

The mix of the picture-perfect scene and the downright confusing statement is the hallmark of The Far Side. Larson was like the ultimate prankster of the mundane, always ready to drop a hilariously unexpected bomb on your brain.

This Far Side Shirt is like a comedy diploma straight from Larson University. It’s your ticket to the wacky side of life, a riddle wrapped in a giggle, and a big round of applause for Larson’s ability to turn everyday situations into sources of snickers, chuckles, and all-out belly laughs.


In this uproarious illustration, Larson creates a colossal collision between the prehistoric past and a modern-day bad habit. Three dinos are having a grand old smoke, and it’s like the ultimate plot twist to the question in the text: “The Real Reason Dinosaurs Became Extinct”. It’s like Larson’s way of saying, “Hold onto your asteroid theories, folks, I’ve got a hilarious curveball for you”.

“The Real Reason Dinosaurs Became Extinct” isn’t just a phrase; it’s the punchline to the ongoing joke that is the scientific debate on dino extinction. Sure, some say it was a colossal asteroid, but Larson’s shirt makes you wonder if they just couldn’t kick their smoking habit. It’s a nod to scientific humor, an invitation to imagine hilariously bizarre extinction scenarios, and a wink from Larson saying, “Hey, we don’t always have to be so serious about the past”.


Gary Larson, the magician of mundane moments, works his wizardry once again, making these bears the stars of a wacky hunting caper. The whole design, with its circular layout, is like a carnival ride for your funny bone, guiding your gaze to the bear shenanigans.

For die-hard The Far Side fans, this shirt is the comedic compass that points to Larson’s knack for finding the funny in the craziest corners of life. It’s a glimpse into his world of wild imagination, where everyday situations are like comedy gold mines, and where bears are the true jesters of the forest.



In conclusion, these top 10 picks for The Far Side fans offer a delightful journey into the world of Gary Larson’s unparalleled humor and creativity. Whether you’re seeking unique merchandise, thought-provoking literature, or simply a good laugh, these selections have something for every dedicated follower of The Far Side.

From the classic collections of cartoons that made Gary Larson a household name to the imaginative merchandise that allows fans to proudly display their appreciation, these items celebrate the enduring impact of The Far Side on popular culture. As Larson’s work continues to captivate and inspire new generations, these picks serve as a tribute to the brilliant mind that brought us some of the most memorable and hilarious comic strips of all time.

So, whether you’re looking for a shirt that proudly proclaims, May I Be Excused, My Brain Is Full, a coffee mug to sip your morning brew with a smile, or a new book to dive deeper into the surreal world of Larson’s imagination, these top 10 picks have you covered. With The Far Side, the laughter never ends, and these selections are sure to keep the humor alive for years to come. So, go ahead and immerse yourself in the world of Gary Larson’s genius, and let the laughter continue.

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